Man’s summer body revealed to be just a slightly pinker version of his winter body

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Local man Simon Williams has this afternoon revealed his summer body, which appears to be a slightly pinker version of his winter body.

Williams chose a warmish Tuesday afternoon as the perfect time to strip of his t-shirt and reveal his summer physique.

He told us, “I have been working on my summer body all year, and by ‘working on’ I mean eating exactly the same as I always do, but reading the odd article about having a summer body.

“Yes, technically, this very slightly sunburned body is the same as my very pale winter body – with one exception. That being that I won’t get my tits out in the park in December.

“My summer body will now be my body of choice for the next few weeks.”

Williams was also keen for everyone to know that his summer body was not the result of some simple rebranding exercise.

He went on, “Oh no, this is very different. But you’ll also be pleased to know that I am already working on my next winter body, which is what this summer body will metamorphose into just as soon as this sunburn peels off.”