No-one sure if plans made for ‘next Friday’ are for this Friday or the one after

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An arrangement to meet for a drink ‘next Friday’ has left many potential attendees confused as to which Friday.

Simon Williams used his Whatsapp group at the weekend to see if anyone fancied meeting for a beer ‘next Friday’, believing his suggestion to be entirely clear and free of ambiguity.

However, his friends have been left confused by his use of the word ‘next’.

Dave told us, “Does he mean ‘the’ next Friday, which would be this coming Friday, in which case why didn’t he just say ‘this Friday’ – or does he mean the Friday after that one, in which case he could have said ‘a week on Friday’.

“Simply saying ‘next Friday’ leaves it open to interpretation. Simon is an idiot, yes, but English is his first language and it really shouldn’t be this difficult to arrange a beer and make the suggested day obvious.”

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We asked Simon for clarification, and he told us, “Oh, yes, I did that deliberately. It just means I have an excuse if I don’t turn up because I get a better offer on Friday.”