Local man decries discriminatory Wetherspoons after being told to ‘Go Back Home’ at 1am

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Burnley resident Simon Williams was left shocked at being told to ‘go back home’ at his local pub merely because it was 1 hour and 15 minutes after last orders.

The incident occurred last Saturday at the popular Swan Inn close to Burnley city centre.

Williams told reporters “It felt like a gut punch. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life there, trying to fit in with the locals; you want to believe that you’re accepted, that you make a difference and then something like this happens.

“It just goes to show, no matter how much they smile at your, the bar staff just don’t see you as the same as them.”

Sensing the environment was turning hostile around 11pm, Williams claimed he tried to lighten the mood earlier by jokingly pulling back the £5 notes he was using to pay for beer.

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“That just seemed to make things worse and things finally came to head around 2 a.m. when most of the bar staff started chanting ‘Go back home, go back home!’.”

Williams, 46, conceded that while there were bits of sick mixed in with John Smiths dribbling down his exposed chest he can’t help but feel as if “they’ve discriminated based on my appearance.”

Williams, who describes his employment status as “local character” worries about what this says about the mindset of the UK as a whole.

“You’d think we’d moved past this mentality as a society, but just as I was poking the bouncer in the chest calmly trying to make my point, he grabbed me in a headlock and forced me to the door.”

“Some piss came out,” he added.

“Sure, I’ll be back there tomorrow at 10 am but I’ll be a little more guarded, especially now I know there are bigots in even the friendliest places.”

A spokesman from Wetherspoons released the following statement, “Mr Williams is well known to the hard-working staff of the Swan Inn. Although they’ve grown accustomed to his simulating sex acts with the vending machines, they felt it was necessary to involve the door staff once he removed his pants and began attempting to remove the vending machine’s pants.”