Mark Field buys ‘This Is What A Feminist Looks Like’ t-shirt

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The Tory Minister that caused a social media uproar by slamming a woman into a pillar before grabbing her by the neck, has hit back against his critics by stating he doesn’t ‘see gender’ when he violently overreacts to someone criticising his policies.

His spokesman, Simon Williams, also condemned people who tweeted that attacking a young woman was unacceptable, accusing them of harbouring old-fashioned misogynistic beliefs.

He told us, “Once again the keyboard warriors reveal their true colours as sexist reactionaries. They are the one who thinks that young woman should have been free of assault just because of her gender and small frame. They think her ovaries and complete absence of threatening behaviour should have kept her safe.

“Mark is a true feminist who believes in equality. When some lower middle-class person wearing off-the-rack clothing interrupts his supper, he does not wonder what sex they are before psychotically escalating the situation. But witness the so-called progressives who think he should have let security deal with it or let it go after he could see how terrified she was.”

Mr Williams dismissed any suggestions that Mark Field was particularly aggressive towards the Greenpeace activist because of a deep-seated belief a woman’s role is to say how brilliant Mark Field is.

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“Pure slander. Mark has never shown any hostility towards women. Gays, certainly, but not women. Mark believes that society should be divided by wealth, not gender.

“Think about it. Would he have cheated on his wife with Liz Truss if he didn’t respect women in the workplace?”