Michael Gove to join Motley Crue

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Following the disappointment of failing to get through to the final two in the Tory leadership contest, Michael Gove has announced that he will be quitting politics to join Motley Crue.

It is not known exactly what attracted him to the notoriously hard-living, drug-taking eighties rock and roll legends who have famously enjoyed some forty years of drug-fuelled excess.

“Whilst I have enjoyed my long-standing career as Tory scumbag,” began Mr Gove, “I think the time has come to move on and I think that a career in a heavy metal band could be very well suited to me and my, err, proclivities.”

Mr Gove was unable to say what instrument he planned to play in the band when they next go on tour.

“Yes, I’m not that bothered about the music side of things really,” he laughed.

“That’s not really the reason I’m joining, if I’m honest.”

Whilst many wish Mr Gove well in his new musical career, some Motley Crue fans have been left alarmed at the new of a change the line-up that has been in place for xx years.

“Yeah, I’ve heard a bit about this Gove guy,” said Simon Williams, a long-term fan.

“Frankly, I’m a bit worried that he’s going to send the band a bit off the rails.

“I mean, sure, they like to party, but I’m not sure they’re at Michael Gove levels.”

It is understood that Mr Gove first tried to join Black Sabbath, but they considered him ‘too hardcore’ for them.