Racist views are only racist for a three-year time period, confirms Fiona Bruce

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Question Time host and ‘Dimbleby-Lite’ Fiona Bruce has clarified that racism is only racist for a three-year period, after which they are to be considered ‘ancient history’.

The announcement was made yesterday during a typically heated exchange on BBC shout-a-thon Question Time, in which the floundering new host dismissed a reference to Nigel Farage’s unarguably racist ‘Breaking Point’ poster from 2016 as mere ‘ancient history’.

“Well I’m glad she cleared that up,” remarked Simon Williams, a Professor of Bigoted Arsehole Studies at Oxford University.

“We’ve long wondered what the expiry date is for racist views, and now we know. According to this rule, we can construe that by April 1948 Hitler could no longer be considered racist, as the last time he was openly racist was in 1945.

“And we can no longer consider slavery as racist, because that was waaay longer ago than three years. Who knew?”

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Newly unemployed radio presenter Danny Baker responded, “This is great news – this means that I should be able to get my job back in May 2022.”