Nation grateful that Danny Baker has finally proven that apologising is utterly pointless

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A grateful nation has expressed its gratitude to Danny Baker for finally illustrating that apologising for your mistakes is an entirely pointless exercise.

Baker shared a tweet that could obviously be interpreted as racist, and so quickly deleted it, explained he hadn’t seen the racist connotations, and publicly apologised for it.

However, that didn’t stop him losing his job, being vilified on social media, and being branded a racist who has been hiding his racist tendencies all these years.

Social media user Simon Williams told us, “Danny has served his country well and for that I am thankful. We should all be grateful that he has shown us that we live in a society where quickly repenting and apologising for your mistakes makes no difference whatsoever to what happens to you.

“In the nightmare scenario where acknowledging you were wrong and apologising actually did make a difference, then where would we be?

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“Can you imagine? People going around accepting their mistakes, acknowledging them, apologising and growing as people? God no, it’s much better for everyone that we are all out there steadfastly refusing to admit we’ve ever been wrong and lashing out at anyone who disagrees with us.

“Clinging to a missheld apprehension as if your life depends on it, even if you know you’re wrong, is the way we will make Britain great again.

“Apologies are for losers and pussies. Do you know who never apologises? Donald Trump and Nigel Farage – and if you don’t think they are excellent role models to aspire to, then I can’t help you.”