Lieutenant Frank Drebin to be revealed as ‘H’ in shocking Line of Duty plot twist

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Lieutenant Frank Drebin will be revealed as mysterious crime boss ‘H’ in a stunning plot twist in Sunday’s series finale of Line of Duty.

In a move that will shock viewers, the veteran Los Angeles detective will be unmasked as the corrupt cop with links to a significant criminal gang in Jed Mercurio’s popular BBC series.

Drebin, who has no previous links with the British police force, will be uncovered by Superintendent Ted Hastings and his AC-12 unit as the man helping criminals in the Midlands get away with crimes.

The news will surprise colleagues in California, where Drebin was previously viewed as a bumbling investigator who apprehends crooks in spite of his own incompetence.

Al, a former colleague at LAPD, told reporters: “If these reports turn out to be true, it will make sense of a lot of things that have happened over the years.

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“Shoving Her Majesty the Queen across a table at a State banquet, invading the field at a baseball game to sing the National Anthem, releasing wild animals from a zoo and locking a colleague in a van in the middle of a live operation were all clearly diversionary tactics aimed at secretly helping the criminal element he vowed to apprehend.

“To be honest, we all thought Officer Nordberg might turn out to be the wrong ‘un in Police Squad.

“There was always something dodgy about that guy that I couldn’t put my finger on.

“But maybe Frank really was the criminal genius behind everything after all.”