Roy Keane to play villain in new James Bond film

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane will play a villain in the 25th official James Bond film, producers have announced.

The former Ireland midfielder will star alongside long-serving Bond actor Daniel Craig with the pair expected to trade menacing glances in a TV studio in some of the most intense scenes in the franchise’s history.

Keane was approached after impressing 007 bosses with a ‘chilling’ performance in Sky Sports’ coverage of Wednesday’s Manchester derby.

A studio insider told reporters, “The producer and director were so unnerved by Roy’s work on in the Sky studio that they drove straight to Old Trafford to offer him a major part in Bond 25.

“They arrived at 3am and found him still in his seat in the darkened stadium, verbally eviscerating the Manchester United accounts department while a Sky Sports intern tried to coax him out so they could lock up.

“They believe the rolling of the eyes aimed at his former United team-mate Gary Neville could become an iconic Bond image if they can get him to recreate it.

“They believe method acting could be the key, so they are planning to pay Paul Pogba, Mick McCarthy and Patrick Vieira to work as extras on set.

“They are planning a final showdown scene in which Keane’s character stares threateningly at Daniel Craig’s Bond while the pair sit alongside Jamie Redknapp and analyse Huddersfield Town versus AFC Bournemouth.

“Roy will be particularly irked by 007’s praise of Charlie Daniels’ defensive work.”

Bond producers hope Keane will become as infamous as other baddies in the series’ history, including Jaws and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Gadget guru Q is expected to equip Bond with several adapted devices designed to combat Keane, including a tactics board featuring McCarthy’s face and a linesman’s flag that shoots prawn sandwiches.