Joe Biden announces latest Democrat plan to hand Trump another election win

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Former US vice-president Joe Biden has announced the latest Democratic plan to hand Donald Trump the keys to the White House again.

The veteran former senator announced his plan to run for president in 2020, confirming the Democrats’ desire to once again present victory on a plate to serial buffoon President Trump.

Vice-president Biden joins an already-crowded race for the Democratic nomination for next year’s poll, which will come four years after voters decided Hillary Clinton was such a part of the political establishment that she was a worse option than a groping moron.

“Nothing says anti-establishment like a 76-year-old who served six terms as a senator, twice ran failed bids to be president and then served as vice-president,” said an insider from the Biden campaign.

“And there’s no better way to combat an idiotic president who stands accused of racism, misogyny and groping women than with an old white bloke who has been accused himself of freaking out women with inappropriate touching in the last few weeks.

“As a party, the Democrats are determined to shake things up and take it to the elite by repeating all the same mistakes that got us into this mess four years ago.

“We have the most discredited president in living memory, tainted by links with Russia, an affair with a porn star and a list of brainless comments as long as your arm.

“But if anyone can contrive to hand him another election win, it’s us.”