UKIP members worried as Rape and Racism platform fails to win over Middle England voters

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Preliminary polling has put Gerard Batten under fire from UKIP members concerned that the excessive focus from MEP candidates on how racism and rape are absolutely hilarious, is putting off elderly eurosceptics in Wiltshire and Surrey.

Simon Williams, a retired printer from Haslemere, is one of many UKIP members who has been left uncertain about the direction the party is taking.

He explained, “It was weird enough that Gerard chose a racist football hooligan and petty mortgage fraudster as a key speaker. And letting marches be organized by someone jailed for kidnapping over a drug debt also felt a bit…well.. ‘off’.

“But now we also have two candidates who seem really obsessed with feminism and rape. That is against the core values of sedate closet bigotry that UKIP is all about.

“I just want to see less people with foreign accents around the place, not sexually assault women who are blatantly more accomplished than I am.”

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Mr Williams had not yet resigned his UKIP membership but did admit he was looking at other options.

“I’m as loyal as they come but I might have to switch to Nigel’s new outfit. He promises that my secret beliefs in racial superiority will be quietly pandered to while at the same time not being stupid enough to outright state that we secretly disapprove of interracial marriages.

“And he’s certainly not cretinous enough to get his pets to do Nazi salutes or blame mass shootings on feminism.

“Call me old-fashioned but I like a candidate with enough sense to put on a suit for big events or not scream at female journalists like an angry teenager caught wanking by his Mum.”