Targaryen queen considers launching power bid with messages on side of dragon

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According to sources on the ground in Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, etc, etc, is considering a dragon-based PR stunt to convince Westerosi Lords to join her cause.

In what is seen as an obvious attempt to attract the fealty of the less-educated small-folk of Westeros, slogans such as “Bend or Burn” and “The People’s Queen” have been thrown around by counsellors close to the first dragon rider seen in hundreds of years.

It is also believed she might focus on the low value for money demonstrated by the current regime, insisting she could do much more popular things with such riches.

Some political opponents have strongly criticized the idea, claiming it to be no more than a desperate attempt to grab power. @TheRealQueenOfWesteros tweeted:

“F*** off, dragon b****. You claim to be anti-establishment, but your DAD WAS A F***ING KING! DPMO”

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It is so far unclear how successful the campaign might be, but with the White Walker Party throwing themselves into the power struggle as of late – running on a very impressive “life-after-death” policy – it seems the Dragon Queen needs to try something drastic if she ever wants to sit on that throne of blades she so craves.

We can only hope that if the scheme goes ahead, Daenerys will make sure that anything printed on the side of her dragons is at least truthful, and deliverable.

Otherwise, we will just have to rely on the good people of Westeros to be able to spot an obvious lie when they see one.