Grenfell survivors regret not installing stained glass windows to ensure a quick rebuild after fire

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Former Grenfell residents have expressed regret that they didn’t splash out on pretty stained glass windows before their tower burned down.

Following pledges by both the French government and a number of wealthy individuals to pour endless money into a pot to ensure the quick restoration of Notre Dame cathedral on account of its historic beauty and the artefacts contained within, survivors of the Grenfell fire have been left wondering if they might not still be homeless if their flats had looked bit nicer for the tourists.

Simon Williams, who survived the fire two years ago but is still living in temporary accommodation, told us, “It seems that even though no-one died in the Notre Dame blaze, they seem pretty keen to get it rebuilt, and quickly, on account of its age and beauty.

“Obviously we can’t change the fact that Grenfell was built in 1974, but I really wish we’d forked out on some stained glass windows, or a few intricate gargoyles, for people to insist on restoring.

“Maybe I should have bought a few ornate gold crosses and stuck them around the place, so that the poignant photos after the fire might prompt the government to come out and publicly pledge to build us an even more beautiful new tower.”

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He concluded, “Obviously it is all our own fault and not the government’s, even if they did pay for cheap cladding – Theresa May did say two years ago that she’d get us all rehomed, and I’m sure that will happen.

“One day. Maybe after she finishes Brexit?”