Parliament’s summer recess to be officially renamed ‘Sensible Season’

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Parliament’s summer recess is to be renamed Sensible Season, given it will be a six-week period completely devoid of political nonsense.

For years it has been known as “silly season”; that period from late July until early September when Parliament takes its summer recess and our MP’s take their summer holidays.

It is typified by an annual glut of trivial and frivolous news stories that appear throughout the media, particularly in the tabloids.

However, following two and half years of frankly laughable behaviour from the shower of shysters, conmen, jackasses and clowns that pass for our elective representatives, moves are afoot to rename the recess period “sensible season”, and according to some, it’s not before time.

“Let’s face it, the sooner that bunch of charlatans sod off on holiday and give us all a break the better,” said political observer Simon Williams.

“I for one can’t bloody wait for the news outlets to start peddling stories about great white sharks off the coast of Cornwall again. Or giant vegetables. Or Vladimir Putin riding around topless on a horse. Bring it on. As if any of that stuff is in any way more stupid than the risible antics of our idiot bloody MP’s.

“Silly season, indeed! Not compared to when Parliament is actually bloody well in session!”

The general public also seemed to be in agreement.

“What? You mean it isn’t silly season now?” remarked Clara Bendix from Wittering.

“You could have bloody fooled me!”