University is where you can just spout off and everyone has to listen, says man who understands nothing about universities

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A man, who labels himself as a free speech advocate, has been making a tit of himself on social media by maintaining that the purpose of universities is to allocate lecture halls to any attention-seeking cretin regardless of how ignorant they are.

Simon Williams, a bus driver and self-identified libertarian, has decided to trawl the Internet to lambast any occasion where a university has denied a shit-stirring bigot entry onto private property.

He explained further: “I mean, if you can’t say anything you want, regardless of merit or logic, then what’s the point of a university?

“Just recently, some American Youtuber, who says his mission is to trigger libtard cucks, was told he couldn’t deliver a lecture in Harvard simply because he has no academic credentials or a field of expertise. That’s the very definition of fascism in the dictionary. Probably.”

Although apparently just another lonely dimwit, Mr Williams was labouring under a very common misconception, as explained Professor Amanda Tinnock, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Croydon.

She explained, “Many misinterpret the idea of academic freedom as an obligation to provide a platform to any imbecile who wants to yap away about how trans people terrify them or whatever they got themselves angry about on Twitter.

“But actually it means that all theories should be subject to open scrutiny provided they were achieved through rigorous methodology and serious research. You can’t just walk up to the department of biology, tell students germs are a lie and it’s all about miasmas and expect recognised experts in that field to debate you.

“We don’t deny access to people because they are controversial.

“We do so because they are idiots.”