Parliament rules that ‘Will of the people’ must not interfere with the ‘Will of the people’

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The Prime minister has ignored the largest ever online petition, saying the Will of the people must not get in the way of her will of the people.

A record-breaking online petition calling for the government to revoke Article 50 was dismissed in the House of Commons yesterday as irrelevant, and not representative of the British public’s views.

The petition signed by over 6 million British citizens demanding that their voice be heard was quickly shut down with a message reading “This Government will not revoke Article 50. We will honour the result of the 2016 referendum” in a clear message that only one ‘Will of the people’ is allowed, which can then never be changed and no further thought on the matter is permitted by the British people until politicians say so.

In unrelated news, MPs this week are expected to have their fourth vote on the subject after a further eight votes on alternative types of Brexit, which you the British public, definitely voted for.

Unfortunately, none of these votes has yet provided the Prime Minister with the support she wanted so the process will continue until the will of the people that she is willing to listen to, has changed.

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The Prime Minister was also keen to point out that under no circumstances should anyone investigate why the will of the people happened to match that of an illegal and corrupt campaign that she was aware of, but blocked investigations in to.