Theresa May asks Jeremy Corbyn out on a date

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In a surprising move, Theresa May has asked opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to go out on a date with her.

It is understood that the Prime Minister has fancied Mr Corbyn for a while now, and is using the pretext of discussing Brexit to get him to go out with her.

The unlikely couple will start their date by going to the pictures in Leicester Square to see Dumbo.

They will then go to Pizza Hut to share a big pizza and talk about the film.

She will then treat him to a nice chocolate brownie sundae and discuss a deal to leave the EU.

It is thought that Mrs May will let Mr Corbyn walk her home and, if he has made indications that they can work together on a deal, she may even let him kiss her, but she has no plans to go any further on the first date.

If the evening is successful, then a follow-up date will be arranged where the pair will go bowling together and discuss further details of the leaving agreement over a hot dog and chips.

At this point, the pair will be considered to be ‘going out with each other’ and will announce their joint plan to leave the EU whilst holding hands before celebrating with a big snog under the stairs in Portcullis House.