New poll shows Germans enjoying Brexit more than The Benny Hill Show

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Latest IPSOS polling indicates 79% of German nationals aged 18-34 are enjoying Brexit more than The Benny Hill Show, with a massive 94% preferring it to Mr Bean.

Respondent Sabrina from Munich (28) summed up the mood, telling pollsters, “We Germans really like any old British shit, the more broad and repetitive the better, but until now nothing had compared to Benny Hill.

“However, the mix of total nonsense, combined with utter stupidity, has really endeared Brexit to the average German. Even my Grandma is a fan!.”

However, Klaus from Dresden, 46, had this to say, “Maybe it’s my age, but Brexit can’t quite match the comedic genius of Benny Hill. It’s close, but let’s not get carried away.”

But he had some advice for the producers of Brexit hoping to get some new fans, “I think if they added some amusing music, and perhaps a woman or two in bikinis, then Brexit would do even better with a German audience.

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“Maybe they’ll consider that for the next season. Though this one does seem to be lasting an awfully long time.”

The full breakdown of results are below:

Do you agree with this statement? I am enjoying Brexit more than…

The Benny Hill Show 79%
Mr Bean 94%
One Direction 82%
Kim Wilde 7%