Tories applauded for hilarious April Fools’ Joke about having a fourth vote on Theresa May’s deal

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The Conservative Party really does have a sense of humour, it has emerged this morning.

The announcement that Theresa May intends to bring her disastrous withdrawal deal before MPs for a fourth time has been met with guffaws of laughter across the land.

Simon Williams, head of gags and puns at occasionally amusing website NewsThump said, “We’ve long suspected that the Tories have a sense of humour buried somewhere under their cold exterior.

“They continue to employ Chris Grayling, for a start, and Esther McVey’s insistence that she cares about her constituents is routinely hilarious.

“And let’s not forget Boris Johnson’s haircut, which amusingly looked even more comical after he trimmed it.”

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He added, “But this April Fool’s joke about a fourth vote is absolutely brilliant. Nice one chaps!”

Downing Street spokesperson Christopher James responded, “No, there is a serious prospect that there will be another vote on the deal, and there will continue to be votes on it until the result improves.

“Why are you laughing?”