Opinion: Brexit is going brilliantly and is only making Britain richer

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Last Friday, March 29th, marked two years since Britain took the heroic step of triggering Article 50. That makes today, April the First, the ideal moment to step back and look at the incredible success that the process has been – and to look forward to the sunlit uplands promised.

Thanks to the foresight and meticulous planning by the Leave campaign before the referendum was even held, Britain is in a strong position to face the world with a confidence it has not felt in a generation.

The people are unified. The victors in the referendum were gracious in their victory; conducting a hearts and minds campaign to reassure the defeated and win over the undecided. Their dignity and generosity to their countrymen, who they say they love and want only the best for, has been an object lesson in how to behave that we can all learn from.

Other nations across the globe have made their intentions clear: the moment our departure from the EU is complete they will offer the same or more generous trade terms to an independent Britain than we currently have within the European Union.

Meanwhile, decisive and above all bridge-building leadership from all sides of Parliament the division and ineffectual indecisiveness warned of before the referendum have not come to pass.

Leaders like Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and above all Theresa May have put aside their personal feelings and worked with a unified front to achieve the best for the whole country.

This truly British ability to pull as one has impressed  – nay, awed – our continental counterparts who have in turn fractured and now garble in a cacophony of 27 separate nations unable to reach a single voice.

It can truly be said that party politics and factional infighting have not marred the process from our side of the table. We at NewsThump have to hold up our hands and admit, Brexit has made Britain great again.