Jon Snow apologises for highlighting the ethnicity of dimwits

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Iconic Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow found himself being the story this weekend as he briefly alluded to the fact that the collection of thugs, racists, cretins, virulent xenophobes and football hooligans who were applauding career criminal Tommy Robinson happened to be mainly white.

Senior producer at Channel 4 News, Simon Williams, added that the channel regretted that Jon Snow insinuated that BAME people might not have felt welcome at a rally that featured the banner of the Identitarian movement linked to the Christchurch massacre.

He went on, “It was a long day and we were all exhausted from covering the news and being called traitors by lovely gentlemen with tattoos of football club crests on their hands.

“In an uncharacteristic lapse of professionalism, Jon mentioned that, in a city where 40% of residents are BAME people, the ethnic mix of the Brexit rally was more akin to that seen in a yacht club in 1893.

“This could lead to speculation that the diverse array of people who voted to leave Europe might have been hesitant to join a march where a former BNP activist with a string of criminal convictions was a star speaker.”

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Mr Williams further explained that Jon Snow felt mortified he had linked white skin and racism.

“There is no excuse for linking race to a fondness for violence and a psychotic hatred of other ethnic groups, and Jon knows it.

“He has always acknowledged that the people screaming at police officers or ranting about how the EU is somehow raping British children, do not do so because of the colour of their skin.

“They do so because they are jaw-droppingly thick.”