This is fun, let’s do it some more! Parliament confirms

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Parliament has confirmed that they’re having such a great time with Brexit they’d like to keep right on doing it.

Fun-loving MPs embraced the party atmosphere of Brexit by deciding to make the whole thing keep on going for as long as possible – with some optimistic politicians suggesting they could keep the whole thing rolling for as long as two more years.

To celebrate their success, Parliament knocked off at 3pm for a long weekend.

“Yes, there’s a few minor issues, like the currency markets and people trying to plan their  businesses for the next few weeks never mind the next few years, but when you’re having such a great time as we are right now that can wait for a bit,” said MP Simon Williams, who voted for the deal, then didn’t vote for it, and then voted for it again.

“Of course I want Brexit”, he went on.

“Just not this one. Or any of the other ones that we voted on the other day. And most definitely of all, not today.

“God, I’m having the time of my life. See you next week!”