Labour supporters show caring side with boycott of young Jewish woman who keeps drawing attention to her antisemitic abuse

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A faction of hardcore Jeremy Corbyn supporters have shown their thoughtful caring side by calling for a public boycott of Rachel Riley after she kept on drawing attention to the anti-semitic abuse she receives, and the online places where it is allowed to fester.

After partnering with Stop Funding Fake News to call on advertisers to boycott sites that peddle antisemitic conspiracies, among other disinformation and fake news, fans loyal to such publication have taken to social media to vent their displeasure at people knowing their preferred news sources are generally terrible.

Seemingly thinking Riley is a product you can buy in the shops, the hard left supporters have been angry at Riley for going on and on about the abuse she receives, and for publicly criticising the media outlets she feels are partly to blame.

As one truest of true Labour supporters explained, “We need to boycott her, don’t buy her, don’t use her, and start closing your eyes whenever she appears on a television screen near us.

“We can’t have people going around being vocal about the antisemitic abuse they get from people on the left, that just won’t do. Especially if they are high-profile and people might listen to them. That would be terrible.

“To agree with her, you must love austerity, that must be it. You must be a massive Tory supporter if you’re not willing to ignore the horrible things our side does to people like her.”

Jeremy Corbyn has not yet made comment on the social media furore, as he’s currently too busy avoiding comment on another major furore.