Prime Minister dismisses extra-police plan as April Fools’ joke

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Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed proposals to employ more police officers to tackle knife crime as an April Fools Day prank.

The former Home Secretary chaired a ‘violent crime summit’ at 10 Downing Street today as politicians sought ideas to reduce deadly knife attacks.

But experts reacted with surprise when Mrs May moved on quickly from a debate about police numbers because she believed someone was ‘having a laugh’.

One insider told reporters, “Someone at the meeting suggested putting more police officers on the streets but the PM told them it was not the right event for an April Fools gag.

“They were stunned, mainly because they were being deadly serious.

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“But Mrs May claimed it was ridiculous to claim the government cutting police numbers had contributed to the rise in knife crime.”

Campaigners are also baffled that Mrs May shrugged off links between teacher numbers and class sizes and NHS staffing levels and the length of waiting lists.

A government spokesman told reporters: “The idea of actually investing in public services to improve people’s lives is clearly someone’s warped idea of a joke.

“It was not the time or the place.”