American man ‘in recovery’ unaware that at his worst he drank less than your Nan

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An American man who attends up to seven Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week, has never drunk more than half a bottle of wine in a night it has been revealed, considerably less than every single British nan.

The man, who has been in recovery for twenty years, credits Jesus and ‘the fellowship’ with helping him kick her frankly pathetic habit.

“My rock bottom came when I decided to sing ‘I’m Every Woman’ at karaoke after two glasses of wine, before telling my colleague I ‘kind of’ liked her,” he said.

“I mean, I’m not sure I did the song justice. If you’re going to do Whitney you better be sure you can pull it off. Things worked out with the colleague though – we’re married now.”

Sarah (29) from London had this to say, “My British nan barely drinks and even she got through most of a bottle of port at Christmas in 2012. And let’s not even start on the Irish one – she drank a bottle of whisky before turning up to my school nativity play.”

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