Nation hugely impressed by MPs’ laughter as they vote down any and every exit strategy from the Brexit crisis

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Amid the high drama of MPs rejecting every possible solution to the gravest political crisis since World War 2, an impending economic collapse and a rudderless government with a neutered leader, many Brits felt great pride when they saw images of MPs guffawing as the results were announced.

Simone Williams, the owner of a high-spec mechanical parts factory in Swindon, was one of many Britons who thoroughly enjoyed the sight of adult politicians giggling and jeering as they failed on eight occasions to make their mind up.

“Brexit is giving us a hard time, if I’m honest. I’ve lost four contracts because we aren’t seen as being a reliable bet in the long-term and my Austrian chief technician has quit. What I really needed was clarity.

“But since that didn’t happen, what really cheered me up was the sight of jowly backbenchers slapping their thighs. I’m so happy that the end of my family’s business is such a source of mirth to them.

“What I like to see most is good cheer among the people tasked with making a decision and failing to do just that. Don’t know the parliamentary minutia but I’m going to take a wild guess that they didn’t decide to keep the 3 most popular choices and vote again. Where’s the fun in that?”

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Ms Williams was asked if she thought the £2,000 pay rise for MPs coming into effect next month was timely.

However, she could not respond as she apparently had to urgently go into the staff canteen and hurl objects into the wall while shouting about worthless bastards.