‘A second referendum would be undemocratic, plus we don’t have sufficient funds to cheat again’ insists Vote Leave

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Vote Leave and Leave.EU have stated that a second referendum would not only be undemocratic, but that rigging it would not be financially viable for them

Anti-EU campaign Vote Leave was once again fined yesterday for sending out hundreds of thousands of spam text messages in the run-up to the Brexit vote.

Spokesperson Simon Williams told reporters, “Undermining the democratic process is an expensive business. There was this fine yesterday, plus the three for undeclared donations, the one for breaking electoral law, the one for overspending on the campaign and the one for syphoning funds between parties.

“Not to mention all the favours we had to do for the Russians. Those people that hacked everybody’s Facebook accounts weren’t cheap, either.

“We can wear these costs as long as we get the result we want, but a second time? Not sure.

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“Our most economic option now is to really push the ‘undemocratic’ angle and hope that no one picks up on our lack of internal logic.

“After all, a second vote would cause untold political damage to our country. Unlike the first vote, which wasn’t damaging at all.”