Melania Trump body double identified as Steve Tyler

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Steve Tyler out of Aerosmith has been acting as a stand-in for Melania Trump at official functions ‘for months’ before anyone noticed, it has been confirmed.

Suspicions were raised about Melania when Trump visited Alabama with someone who looked nothing like his wife recently, which was followed by a dignified and Presidential meltdown on Twitter when people pointed this out.

However, forensic examination of photos taken at the event revealed that the Commander-in-Chief’s companion was, in fact, the lead singer out of Aerosmith – a revelation confirmed by Tyler who said he’d been hired as a stand-in as his years of heavy drug use and screaming made him better prepared for travelling with the President than his own wife.

“You’ve got to admit, Dude looks like the First Lady,” White House insiders confirmed. “Either that or she’s some mama with a face like a gent.”

According to reports when Trump first met Tyler he tried his normal greeting to any woman only to be surprised when he found he’d grabbed a man’s junk by mistake.

“Oh well, nobody’s perfect,” the President is understood to have said.