Social Justice Batman lights the Virtue Signal

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Social Justice Batman has lit up the Virtue Signal, to let the inhabitants of Gotham know that they are being watched over by a dark, silent guardian who is just plain better than them.

The signal, which is visible across the entire city, is designed to let the inhabitants feel safe in the knowledge they’re being judged for being insufficiently caring.

“Most of the time the Virtue Signal is used to let Gotham know that Batman has started another online petition and that he expects everyone who can see it to sign it,” Commissioner Gordon told us.

“Or to share a link to an article in the Guardian by Mister Freeze about Global Warming.

“Gotham has a real rogues gallery of villains, including Two-Face, who posts about being an ally to women and then gropes them in lifts, Poison Ivy, who takes exception to vegans eating plants, and Killer Croc, who wears really ugly shoes.

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“I don’t think that Batman realises just how annoying it is, him posting about how we should all consume less and care for the Earth and then driving a gas-guzzler and flying round in his private Batjet.”

When asked, Batman said, “Fight crime? Me? Oooh, no, the government should fund the police better. I’ve just started a petition about that, and if you don’t sign it you obviously don’t care enough about the victims of crime.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to got and send some thoughts and prayers to the families of the Joker’s latest victims.”