Chris Grayling hires man who doesn’t know anything about ferry fiasco to answer MPs’ questions about ferry fiasco

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True to form, Transport Secretary and the government’s current Chief Idiot du Jour, Chris Grayling has hired a man who doesn’t know anything about the ferry fiasco to answer MPs’ questions about the ferry fiasco.

Political analyst, Simon Williams, said, “Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has qualifications as an idiot in many, many other areas, was sent to answer questions from MPs about why Seaborne Freight were offered a £100m contract when in fact they didn’t have any ferries.

“Mr Hancock shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘I dunno…’ and huffed like he was clueless.

“Hancock went on, ‘I genuinely don’t know. I mean GENUINELY. Chris said I owed him one, so here I am today’. That was it.”

The Transport Secretary has been accused of using Mr Hancock as a human shield, though Grayling disputes this, saying if he needed a human shield, he would obviously have hired someone who has absolutely no experience of being a human shield.

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Other cabinet ministers are now launching a legal challenge against Grayling, asking why a man with no knowledge of the ferry fiasco was hired, when plenty of them had a lot more knowledge of the ferry fiasco.

He will no doubt have to pay them off, before sending a different cabinet minister to answer MPs’ questions about why he had chosen to do so.

Mr Grayling ran to catch a boat to the continent in order to escape questioning, but fell off the end of the pier into the sea when it wasn’t there.

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