Man can’t be bothered to give up apathy for Lent

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A man has abandoned plans to give up apathy for Lent as it seems like a lot of work, and he can’t really be bothered.

Simon Williams, a custard de-lumper from Chelmsford in Essex, announced his intention to give up apathy for Lent earlier this week in a Facebook post he directed his mum to make.

“Simon will be giving up apathy for Lent, and will presumably be writing his own Facebook posts from now on,” read the post.

However, just two days into Lent, Mr Williams has abandoned his attempt.

“Simon has decided not to give up apathy for Lent,” his mum wrote in a new Facebook post.

“Yeah, so giving up apathy for Lent, it seemed like a totally good idea in principle,” said Mr Williams.

“But, you know, when you got down to the whole concept of, like, living a life without apathy it turns out that, you know, you’ve got to do stuff, which is, like, totally a lot of bother so I’ve decided to not get involved in all that.”

Mr Williams will still be taking part in the annual tradition of giving something up for Lent.

“Well, yeah. I mean, obviously,” he said.

“I’m giving up giving up apathy.

“I reckon I can keep that up till Easter.”