Ungrateful one-year-old discards thoughtful £40 birthday gift for hours of fun with 99p wrapping paper

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A one-year-old has shunned the thoughtful gift given to her by her grandparents in favour of spending the afternoon playing with the brightly coloured wrapping paper instead.

Sophie Williams, 1, received the gift of a personalised articulated bear from her grandparents, a present that had been many weeks in the buying, with hours of research conducted and hundreds of reviews read before settling on the final choice.

Sophie’s grandmother told us, “Do you know how many teddy bears you can buy these days? It’s thousands. Tens of thousands. Then you have to get it personalised – so do you go with just the name, or a message – and if you go for a message what sort of sentiment do you try to convey? Short and sweet? Or something more thoughtful and timeless?

“We went through all of this since before Christmas, and what happened? She threw it aside to spend twenty minutes tearing the wrapping paper into a thousand shreds like an ungrateful sociopath.

“Next year she’s getting one of those 99p rolls from Tesco.”

Sophie’s mother told us, “My mum and dad think they were hard done by, but they didn’t spunk £50 on a cake she merely glanced at briefly before conducting a rather loud dirty protest in front of everyone we invited.

“Some people say why even bother with a party for a one-year-old, and with hindsight, they might be right. That’s we recorded it all on my phone so that in future we can repeatedly show her how ungrateful she was.”