Jeremy Corbyn criticised by Labour supporters for not punching egg-thrower in the face

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Jeremy Corbyn has once again come under fire from Labour supporters, this time for not towing the party line when it comes to dealing with members of the public throwing eggs at politicians.

After receiving a direct egg hit to the head from a disgruntled member of the public during a visit to the Finsbury Park mosque on Sunday afternoon, Corbyn stunned Labour Party members by not immediately swinging a left hook at his assailant.

Labour MP and vocal critic of Corbyn, Dave Matthews, responded by telling reporters, “Yet again Jeremy Corbyn has revealed his far left, weak, anti-nuclear stance with his reaction to being xstruck on the head with an egg.

“If he had been more centrist in his approach, and thereby more aligned with the majority of the Labour Party, including his holiness Tony Blair, then he would have instantly knocked out the egg-throwing dissident with a straight jab to the nose.

“No wonder he’s not up for nuclear weapons if he’s not up for throwing a few punches over an egg. He’s pathetic.”

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Onlookers at the mosque reported that Corbyn gently scraped the egg off his head into a saucepan, seasoned it with a little salt and pepper, added some allotment-grown mushrooms and proceeded to share it with the man who threw the egg in the first place.

Daily Mail reading simpleton Simon Williams saw the news before telling us, “How pathetic. Not a single punch thrown. If that doesn’t make him a terrorist sympathiser I don’t know what does.”