Welshmen celebrating St David’s Day by dressing up as Scotsmen

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Throughout Wales today, thousands of proud Welshmen will be celebrating their national identity by dressing up as Scotsmen.

While there is a traditional national dress for Welsh ladies, there is no history of a male equivalent, so resourceful Welshmen have rectified this by pinching someone else’s.

And that’s why, every March 1st, in amongst the throngs of people wearing Welsh rugby jerseys replete with leeks and daffodils, you’ll also see a lot of men wearing tartan kilts and sporrans. Or “cilts”, as they prefer to call them.

“To be honest, by spelling it with a C instead of a K, we were rather hoping the Scots wouldn’t notice,” said Rob Splott from Cardiff.

Other Welshmen, however, insist that there is, in fact, such a thing as Welsh tartan, and that it dates back many years.

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“The earliest recorded instance of Welsh tartan dates all the way back from 1967,” explained Dai Munch from Swansea. “I’d like to see our Scottish neighbours beat that.”

In and around the debate surrounding so-called Welsh kilts and tartan, there can be no doubt that the manufacturers themselves are coining it in.

So isn’t this all just a swizz to expand their marketplace and sell products to non-Scottish people?

“1967, dude,” replied Mr Munch. “Nuff said.”