We must crush those who call us bullies, says Emily Thornberry

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The Shadow Foreign Secretary told a Labour Rally in Broxtowe that she would track down and utterly destroy anyone who claims the Labour party was a hive of bullying and intimidation.

She told the crowd: “The people who claim Labour is now in the grip of absolutists who reject any compromise are unquestionably our enemies.

“We will never accept being labelled as an organisation that thrives on intimidation, and those who try to slander us will feel the full force of our resolve. I invite our members to reject any accusations of bullying and hunt down those betray us by repeating these slurs to the press.

“The Labour Party has always been a broad church where all are welcome and where vigorous debate is very much encouraged – well, within the confines of a conference workshop approved by the central committee of course.

“I would rather die than leave this party, and some say that makes me either a fanatic or an imbecile. But mark my words, I will always be a Labour imbecile.

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“Now let us all show our loving unity by singing that version of Oh Christmas Tree where we talk about cowards, traitors, gallows and blood. All together now…”

Mr Corbyn was asked to comment on the astonishing speech and accusations that the Labour Party was showing signs of a burgeoning personality cult.

However, a spokesperson claimed he was unavailable, as he was busy inaugurating a new youth group dedicated to following his teachings and serving as his personal bodyguard.