The Sun reporting that Raheem Sterling involved in tragic North London shootout

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The Sun newscomic is reporting that Manchester City’s £300,000 a week footballer Raheem Sterling, deliberately fired a projectile within inches of Chelsea’s goalkeeper to tragically leave boss Maurizio Sarri in tatters.

The comic reports that this is just the latest controversy involving the troublesome forward who has a track record of shooting at individuals around the country and across Europe on an almost weekly basis.

Chelsea goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabalaga bravely fought on for his team despite playing the final moments of the game injured, but Sterling cruelly showed no sympathy in the shootout, further displaying his arrogant personality.

Sterling, 24, who according to the comic has fathered somewhere in the region of eight children, was fortunate to score the winner with his shot rattling the underside of the crossbar before hitting the net.

Finally, they insisted that his post-match celebrations were ‘distasteful’ and ‘excessive to say the least’.

The editorial went on, “The dreams of thousands lay dead around him, yet he went around strutting like a gun-toting thug unconcerned at the carnage he had left behind him.

“The former Liverpool flop showed a complete lack of class by parading the trophy around England’s national stadium before spraying expensive bottles of champagne whilst millions of children starve to death in Africa.

They concluded, “It would be enormously helpful if you could all just agree with us that he’s a shit.”