Anti-Brexit supporters inspired by Chelsea goalkeeper may just refuse to leave EU

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Anti-Brexit campaigners watching yesterday’s league cup final have found themselves inspired by Kepa Arrizabalaga’s refusal to abide by a decision he disagreed with, and his choice to stay inside the field of play.

In a match that Chelsea lost on penalties to Manchester City, Remainers have welcomed Arrizabalaga’s stance, insisting that it’s a powerful precedent when it comes to actions you can take when you disagree with shit decisions made on your behalf.

Remain voter Simon Williams told us, “It was the will of the Chelsea management that he leaves the pitch, but he said no and just stayed out there.

“I think it’s fair to say that is something that shocked a lot of people. Who even knew that refusing was an option? We can all agree that it’s an interesting approach to decisions you don’t like and that there are definite lessons that can to be learnt from this with Brexit.

“What if I, and the millions like me, just refuse to leave the EU at the end of March. What then?”

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Others have suggested that there are parallels between Chelsea football club, and the current government.

Fan Justin Matthews said, “Maurizio Sarri has about as much respect from his players as Theresa May gets from the electorate, and about half the people in the stadium were steadfastly against Chelsea’s plan to win the game.

“Plus it turns out they quite happy breaking the rules in order to win – they really are the Brexiters of football.”

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