Maybot sends final message from Brussels: “My battery is low and it’s getting dark”

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Maybot, the plucky little robot that won a nation’s heart with her lengthy mission to deliver a Brexit deal, has finally expired, delivering a last poignant message that her battery was low and it was getting dark.

Maybot was sent to Brussels with the objective of delivering a Brexit deal, a simple mission that was expected to be over in a matter of weeks, but that Maybot managed to extend almost endlessly, far beyond the original projection.

Mission Controller Simon Williams said, “She was so brave, carrying on like that, so much longer than anyone thought she could.

“OK, she spent the last year just going round in circles, digging herself in deeper and deeper, interminably spouting garbage like HAL in the final scene of 2001, but no one had the heart to switch her off.

“She truly was the little robot that could, if by ‘could’ you mean ‘actually couldn’t’.”

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Asked what might come next for the long-term mission to deliver a Brexit deal, Williams said, “One option is to launch a rocket that will put Boris Johnson on the moon. And just leave him there.”