Duran Duran satisfied there is now nothing they should know

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After thirty years of asking if there is ‘something I should know’, Duran Duran have finally accepted that there is nothing.

“I think at the heart of this was just a sort of quest for knowledge,” said lead singer Simon Le Bon.

“If there was anything that defined the early eighties new romantic scene, it was a sober and disciplined approach to educational self-improvement.”

Initially, the song provoked responses that were well-intentioned, but ultimately unhelpful

“Yeah, I think that people misunderstood the question, and so we’d be going – ‘Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know’ and they’d be going – ‘well, a basic grasp of world geopolitics is always useful’ or ‘how to swim’.

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“But, this was stuff we already knew. Most people were hearing the line as ‘is there something one should know’ and if it was just stuff anyone should know then, sure – geopolitics, swimming, how to scramble an egg, where the nearest station is, how many pounds in a stone – this is all the sort of thing anyone should know, but we already knew it. It was – ‘Is there something I should know.’

LeBon explained that there had been some helpful responses to the song.

“One lady said – ‘the works of Yasujirō Ozu’ – which was great, we all loved Tokyo Story. Another gave a really good tip about where to go in the New Forrest.”

However, as there have been no new responses to the song in the last decade, Duran Duran have finally accepted that there is now nothing they should know.

“Nope, we know most things now,” laughed LeBon.

“Certainly more than Spandau Ballet, anyway.

“The twats.”