Gucci hoping their range of KKK hoods won’t also be considered racist

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After facing a backlash for their ‘blackface’ style jumper, fashion ‘experts’ at Gucci are hoping that the rest of their line does not come under close scrutiny.

The black “balaclava jumper”, which has been withdrawn, covered the lower half of the face and featured a red cut-out around the mouth, which many believed to be deeply offensive.

Simon Williams, one of the senior designers at Gucci and a total moron, told press, “Although we disagree that our balaclava jumper looks in any way like a white person pretending to be black, we have agreed to stop selling these in our stores.

“We are selling a few online at half price – a few hundred pounds each – just in an attempt to recover our losses, but don’t shout about that, will you.”

He added, “We would ask for there to be no further critical examination of our product range, as we are sure that there are no other ‘offensive’ items within it.

“Take our Klan hoods, for example – they are just conical shapes bits of expensive fabric with our label inside. Nothing racist about that at all.

“In fact, we get regular orders from someone who lives at The White House, and there’s no greater seal of approval than that, is there?”