Mother wants to know if you’re OK after seeing all those strange memes you’re sharing

author avatar by 5 years ago

Your mother is worried about you, according to reports this afternoon.

After seeing your unusually big sharing spree of Facebook memes themed around depression, anxiety and suicide, mother sent you a message asking if everything is alright at home.

“Are these supposed to be jokes? because they’re not very funny and you have me and your father very worried indeed,” wrote your mother.

“There’s one here about you having an itch in your mouth that only a shotgun can scratch. Is everything alright? Do you need to come home for a few days?

“I know these are probably SUPPOSED to be funny but your Uncle Robert made similar jokes like this right up until we found his cold, dead corpse swinging from the rafters of his barn.

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“Anyway, sorry to bother you, just thought I’d check in. Take care.”

Your father sent a follow-up message saying, “Sorry about your mother. She’s not down with the kids like I am. #YEET.”

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