Woman inspired by Marie Kondo to tidy entire home just focusing efforts on husband’s crap for now

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A woman who has become addicted to watching a decluttering show on Netflix has decided that her husband has got far too many things.

Simone Williams, an apprentice glass-blower from Kettering, was evidently inspired by ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’, a hit series on Netflix that encourages viewers to find happiness by decluttering and tidying their homes.

Mrs Williams told us, “Marie Kondo is a genius – it makes perfect sense that by clearing your home off all items that are useless, you can bring peace of mind and joy to your life.”

Ignoring the mountains of clothes and shoes spilling out of her own wardrobe, she continued, “Just look at all the crap my hubby Jeremy has lying around.

“Star Wars toys he has never even bothered to get out of their pristine plastic boxes to play with, ‘collector’ records he never listens to – it’s like he has never heard of the CD player or something.

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“So I’ve taken the whole lot and thrown in that skip down the road. Our bedroom – well, half of it – feels amazingly tidy and clean. And I must say, I feel pretty good now.

“Marie Kondo really does know what she’s talking about.”

After his wife had left for the afternoon, Jeremy told us, “Yeah, I’m not too fussed about that stuff – she has a point, most of it was a waste of space.

“But I swear to God if she ever touches any of my forty-three boxes of pornography in the loft there will be trouble.”