Lenny Henry sought in connection with digger attack on Travelodge

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Premier Inn poster boy and funny man Lenny Henry has been named as a suspect following an incident yesterday in which a digger was driven into a Liverpool Travelodge.

The hotel, which was due to open next week, is located only a few miles away from three Premier Inn hotels, prompting police suspicion that the attack may have been an attempt to cripple the competition.

Detective Simon McCartney from Merseyside Police told reporters at the scene, “Lenny Henry is known primarily for those Premier Inn adverts, and we have been told that he takes his loyalty to the company that has put food on his table for the last eight years very seriously.

“Any threat to Premier Inn’s business would be viewed as a direct threat to himself personally, hence why we believe he is behind this incident of blatant criminal damage.

“Although you have to hand it to him – it was strangely amusing to watch a digger being driven into a hotel. Made me chuckle for sure.”

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Travelodge regular Christopher James told us, “I think it is actually an improvement.

“The ‘war-zone distressed’ feel of the lobby now compliments the uncomfortable beds and strictly rationed breakfast portions, so he did them a favour if anything by bringing the lobby in line with the feel of the overall stay.”