‘Mary Poppins Returns’ slammed for failing to include Yondu

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Fans expecting to see Yondu return from the dead in Mary Poppins Returns have been left bitterly disappointed after studio bosses inexplicably failed to include the popular character.

The title of the film had been widely interpreted as a tease for the return of the rough-talking space pirate, and audiences flocked to the film only to be disappointed by some lady in a hat singing about sugar.

However, reports indicate that not only does Yondu not return, but none of the film takes place in outer space and there is minimal carnage – to the dismay and anger of moviegoers.

“Look, everyone knows a lot of characters from Infinity War will be coming back to life, so why not Yondu as well?” said fan Simon Williams.

“But at no point did that weird singing-lady ‘Give a little whistle’ and use her flying spike to dispatch a legion of evil alien chimneysweeps. I really feel they missed a trick there as that would have been brilliant and I would have watched it a million times.

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“I feel lied to, and I demand Disney give me my money back as otherwise I won’t go and see Avengers: Endgame.”

Noting the complaints, Disney responded, “Of course you’re going to see Endgame, so don’t try pulling that crap. We know. We know.”

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