God against gay marriage but fine with casual sex in train station toilets, insists Grindr president

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Scott Chen, the president of the company that owns the popular gay hook-up app Grindr, caused controversy by claiming God was dead set against same-sex people formalising their love into a union, but absolutely fine with making money from people organizing chemsex fisting parties with dozens of participants.

Reverend Simon Williams, the deacon of Lincoln Cathedral and Theology scholar, said that this view was at odds with most mainstream Christian doctrines.

He explained, “It seems rather untenable. If you are happy with blokes using your tools to meet up for some bum fun near the duck pond then you would think two people standing up in front of their friends to profess their love is also ‘fine and dandy’.

“I’m a Grindr user myself and I can tell you that nearly all of the stuff on there is far more risqué than a wedding ceremony. Although much less boring.”

Asked if Scott Chen was basing his beliefs on Christian teaching, Reverend Williams sighed deeply.

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“Look, I really don’t know why some Christians get so obsessed with gay people. You can find stuff in the Bible but you really have to look hard. And it’s all in Leviticus which has been generally recognised as crazy bullshit since the 7th century.

“But even if you were stupid enough to believe the homophobic nonsense then surely you would also not want to profit from people organising rimjob dates with a leather bear. Which reminds me, I have to be going.”

Scott Chen did remove the offending Facebook posts and made a statement professing his strong devotion to the LGBTQ+ community that was making him so much money by defying God’s will.