Woman successfully uses chocolate to stave off mid-afternoon craving for wine

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A woman has had an incredible success staving off her fantasies about a huge mid-afternoon glass of wine by oinking her way through a large bar of Dairy Milk, we can report.

Simone Williams, 36, found herself succumbing to blissful dreams of a whopping great glass of something refreshing but rich and fruity but beat them back with the aid of the lady’s best friend, chocolate.

“It was a real battle of wills,” she told us.

“I know drinking in the afternoon can be really tempting, but it’s also bad and wrong – especially on a workday when you’ve got to have everything ready before you leave to go home.”

“Fortunately I had the strength of character to resist, with only a little bit of help from a selection of confectionary in my desk including Fruit and nut, Turkish delight and good old-fashioned plain milk chocolate.

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“I didn’t even need the help of my usual therapist, Mister Kipling.”

Despite having been seen off today, the wine cravings are expected to reoccur tomorrow lunchtime and remain for the entire weekend.