Richard Scudamore ‘to donate entire £5 million Premier League pay-off to grass roots football’

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Richard Scudamore, who will leave his role as the Premier League’s executive chairman next month, has announced that he will donate his entire multi-million pound ‘leaving present’ to help the development of the game at a base-level across England.

Scudamore, who was given £250,000 from each of the 20 Premier League clubs as a ‘thank you’ for his contribution over the years, said that his love of the game prevents him from accepting it.

“I am both honoured and flattered that this payment was agreed to, but the recognition of my efforts is more than enough of a reward.

“I have made more than £26M in my 19 years in the job and I am financially secure, some would even say I’m now quite rich.

“However, I appreciate that there is still lots of work to be done and that facilities at some sports clubs around the country are unacceptable. I would therefore like this money to continue to help the game after I have departed the role.

“How could I justify waking up in luxury on a Saturday morning, having an indulgent breakfast and lunch in my extravagant home, before being whisked off to any game of my choosing to sit in a VIP box for free, whilst kids who are the future of the game, shiver in shed-like changing rooms before playing on awful, often dangerous, pitches?

“I have made a fortune out of my dream job and I want to make sure that the next Alan Shearer, the next Paul Scholes and the next Wayne Rooney have the best possible chance of making it.

“Unless you really want me to keep the money? You do? Oh, OK then.”