New Banksy lends evidence to theory he’s actually The Doctor

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A recent suggestion by The Doctor that she’s actually Banksy has been lent credibility by the appearance of a new piece of stencilled art.

“Girl with blue box” has appeared as a mural in a number of locations, including Skaro, Metebelis Three, and just behind the desk of the Chancellor of Gallifrey – although the Chancellor was quick to describe the art as merely vandalism by Shobogans.

“The Chancellor put the canvas the piece appeared on through a shredder but it just regenerated, so we’re pretty confident it’s the real deal,” said a shadowy court prosecutor who declined to be named.

“And we can be sure it is conduct unbecoming a Time Lord, for which there will be a reckoning.”

Meanwhile, on Skaro, the artwork has appeared entertainingly sprayed on the casing of both the Emperor Dalek and Davros, and much to their annoyance it won’t come off without the application of a sonic screwdriver – which they don’t have.

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“Not content with grabbing their eyestalks and spinning them around, the Doctor is now defacing the pristine purity of my perfect warmachines with childish pictures!” raged Davros in his usual calm and reasonable manner.

And to make it even worse he’s painted a really big one at the top of a flight of stairs, which is just adding insult to injury, really.”

Upon being told The Doctor is now a lady, Davros is reported to have screeched in incoherent rage and explained how it was completely unrealistic that a fictional alien could turn into a woman.

When asked if she was really Banksy, The Doctor replied “Don’t be so daft. I’m really Neil Gaiman,” before climbing into the Tardis and vanishing.

Artwork by the wonderful HappyToast – you can buy the print HERE