Fast food drive-thru shocks customer by getting entire order correct

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A local fast food restaurant has shocked customers by completing a drive-thru order precisely as requested.

The restaurant, which has asked not to be named, is famed for its ability to mess up even the simplest of orders when they are mumbled through an all-weather speaker on the side of their building.

A restaurant industry consultant told us, “Many things can go wrong with a drive-thru order, and at least one of them goes wrong every single time – it’s like gravity – it’s inevitable.

“Mainly because nobody cares about the drive-thru customers. Why would they? There is literally no comeback when you get a drive-thru order wrong.

“Whether it’s the wrong burger or drink, forgetting the fries, or something a little less important like not adding the sauces you requested or forgetting to add the napkins – there is always something, so frankly I’m a little sceptical about this report of an order being 100% correct.”

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The customer as the centre of the controversy told us, “Yes, it really happened. It was all there in the bag, everything I asked for, precisely as requested. I was shocked, it was just so unexpected.

“I know there are people out there who won’t believe it, but I’ll be buying a lottery ticket tonight to see I can keep this incredible run of luck going.”

When approached for comment, the fast food restaurant in question explained, “Look, the truth is we actually gave him the wrong order.

“The one he received was meant for the person behind him in the queue, and trust me, it was nothing like their actual order – it’s just an amazing coincidence that their incorrect order was precisely what he actually ordered.”

“Stopped clocks and all that.”