Hillary Clinton caught secretly posting letter bombs with someone else’s fingerprints on them

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Pictures have emerged of Hillary Clinton posting bombs with someone else’s fingerprints all over them to make Donald Trump look bad.

The bombs, marked “BOMB” and with a big, fizzing fuse like in cartoons, were to be delivered to prominent Democrats and herself in a bid to make the President’s supporters look worse than they already do.

“The first clue we had that the letterbombs weren’t really from a Trump supporter was that the addresses were correctly spelled and they weren’t in all caps,” said FBI investigator Simon-Bob Williams.

”And the more we looked into this, the less it made sense. If the perpetrator supported President Trump, how did they know where their targets lived? They’ve demonstrated they’re incapable of even the most basic fact-checking.”

As well as copying fingerprints, it is understood Clinton has been using voter registration details to identify vocal Republicans and steal their hair and other DNA samples to plant at the scene of future crimes.

“It’s easy,” she told us.

“Now that all the Democrat voters have been aggressively purged from voter lists in many states, I can just pick pretty much anyone and be sure they’ll have a car covered in MAGA stickers, a basement full of rifles and canned goods, and a history of domestic violence.”